How Cool Brands Stay Hot wins ‘2012 Best Book in Marketing’ Award by American Marketing Association

06 November — Last week the American Marketing Association Foundation (AMAF) announced ‘How Cool Brands Stay Hot: Branding to Generation Y’ as the winner of the 2012 Berry-AMA Book Prize for the best book in marketing. This award recognizes books whose innovative ideas have had a significant impact on marketing and related fields and set the standard for excellence.

October 2012

  1. Oct 25

    InSites Consulting launches Global Community Moderator Network

    Today InSites Consulting announced the launch of their Global Community Moderator Network, a network of more than 150 moderators in over 30 countries across all continents, supporting them in the execution of Market Research Online Communities (MROCs). The moderators are recruited based on their qualitative research experience and - more importantly - they are trained and certified in running InSites Consulting MROCs.

September 2012

  1. Sep 25

    8 in 10 UK citizens active on social media

    These are some of the results of a large-scale study conducted by InSites Consulting, data sampling company SSI and translation agency No Problem! A total of 7,827 people from 19 countries took part in the survey, with an average sample size of 400 respondents per country. The results are representative of the internet population in the participating countries.
  2. Sep 11

    InSites Consulting becomes Founder Member of ESOMAR’s new corporate membership

    Today ESOMAR, the World Association for Market, Social and Opinion Research, announced the launch of a new corporate membership. While ESOMAR only offered individual membership to research professionals until now, the new corporate membership also includes companies as members. Eight leading companies have signed up as Founder Members, establishing themselves as core supporters of the principles and standards for which ESOMAR stands. InSites Consulting is one of these companies.

July 2012

  1. Jul 10

    New Managing Director for the InSites Consulting London office

    InSites Consulting announces that Robert Dossin, currently head of the global Life Sciences & Healthcare sector, has taken over the Managing Director role in the UK from Christophe Vergult per July 1st, 2012.

June 2012

  1. Jun 26

    15% of US youngsters consider plastic surgery

    Over 88% of the girls aged 15 to 25 in our country would change something to their body if that was easily feasible. The share amongst boys is slightly lower, but still strikingly high (73%). The body parts girls are least happy with are their belly (46%), thighs (29%), bottom (19%) and breasts (18%). Boys would love to improve their belly and muscles (18%), chest, mouth and cheeks (14%). An InSites Consulting survey revealed only 15% of the US youth consider plastic surgery.
  2. Jun 20

    Six out of ten companies are present on Facebook

    Not only consumers find their way onto the popular social network sites, an increasing number of companies also use it. 61% of the American companies use Facebook, 39% have a Twitter account, 29% are present on LinkedIn and 24% use YouTube. This proves that American companies have evolved further in their social media usage in comparison with companies in Europe.
  3. Jun 08

    InSites Consulting wins another award

    Wednesday night InSites Consulting won the MOA Innovation Award 2012. This prize is awarded by MOA (the Dutch Market research association) to the company which created added value in the past year by learning from consumers in an innovating, positive and striking way.

May 2012

  1. May 30

    New York is the coolest city in the world

    Half the youth aged 15 to 25 in the US consider New York to be a “cool” city. This is significantly more than the 1 out of 3 American youth who think London, Paris and Tokyo are cool. Even on an international level youth in 15 countries in the world choose the Big Apple as the absolute coolest. It are mainly Italian (66% thinks NYC is cool) and Danish youngsters (60%) who love the city most.

March 2012

  1. Mar 14

    Majority of US youngsters feels happy

    Just under six out of ten (57%) of US youngsters aged 15 to 25 consider themselves to be happy. Only 1 out of 8 feel unhappy. This is revealed by the results of a large-scale new youth survey by InSites Consulting amongst more than 4,000 respondents in 16 countries. The top 3 countries with the largest share of happy youth are Brazil, India and China, where just under 7 youngsters out of 10 feel happy. Sweden and Russia are the numbers 4 and 5.

February 2012

  1. Feb 15

    Two thirds of the USA youth believe 2012 will be better

    Two out of three (67%) USA youngsters aged 15 to 25 expect 2012 to become a better year than the previous one. A mere 7% have a real pessimistic view on the coming year and thinks that maybe last year was better after all. This is why the USA Millennials are amongst the more optimistic in the world, so is revealed by the results of a large-scale new youth survey by InSites Consulting amongst more than 4,000 respondents in 16 countries.

January 2012

  1. Jan 30

    InSites Consulting ready for future growth

    Despite the challenging economic climate, InSites Consulting has managed to grow its business with 28% in 2011, bringing total revenues to more than €16 million. Next to the existing offices in Ghent, Rotterdam and London, it opened new offices in Timisoara and New York, thus expanding to a total of 120 employees. The research agency was awarded as best research agency in the Netherlands and nominated for best new agency in the UK.

December 2011

  1. Dec 06

    Social Media Integration

    38% of British & American companies are still in their infancy when integrating social media in their company. 12% have fully integrated the new media. Companies from the financial and health industry are lagging behind, whereas Tech & Telco and the media sector are ahead. The main barrier to change is the unclear financial return, there is a positive correlation between the extent of social media integration and the financial results.